Spigots for Glass

Their sleek and minimalistic design allows for a seamless integration with the glass panels, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the balustrade. The spigots are available in various styles, including square, round, or rectangular shapes, providing flexibility in design and allowing customisation to suit different architectural preferences. 

Easy to install and maintain, glass balustrade spigots offer a reliable and visually appealing solution for both residential and commercial applications. 

Whether used in outdoor balconies, staircases, or pool areas, glass balustrade spigots provide a secure and stylish support system that ensures the safety and elegance of any glass balustrade installation.



Round or Square

Fixing Colour

Chrome, Brass, Black, White or Anthracite


Clear, Frosted, Bronze & Grey Tint.

Our Spigot Balustrade system is a modern option for large glass panels and is available in a choice of square or round clamps.

Spigots provide a super minimalist clean look and are secured to the floor and glass using bolts.